A topic I’ve been wanting to do for quite a long time now…

3 days ago I went to see Hellboy 2, I was soooo surprised to see steampunk EVERYWHERE in the movie! Starting from the Aural Oculars, Dr. Kraus’ diving suit, the elve’s outfits, the architecture & the thing that portrayed steampunk at its best (in my opinion) THE GOLDEN ARMY (the aesthetics and the super high tech using a natural element as lava)

In Fashion, English designer Alexander McQueen inspired his fall/winter 2008 in Queens Victoria and Elizabeth, describing his collection as VICTORIAN PUNK, acclaimed by critics and audience, a COMPLETE OPERA OF FABULOUS CLOTHES (in the own words of fashion critic Hilary Alexander from the Daily Telegraph)

I’m just happy that a subculture as amazing as steampunk is arising and getting the proper recognition, hell yeah! XD